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18Kt* will be valued at 22Kt
22Kt* will be valued at 24Kt
14Kt* will be valued at 16Kt
16Kt* will be valued at 18Kt

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Terms & conditions

  • The Old Gold must be plain gold jewellery, biscuits, bars, or coins. This offer does not cover Old Gold with diamonds or gemstones.
  • You may avail the Big Gold Upgrade benefit up to a limit of 10 grams (in gross weight) within a year. For any gold exchange exceeding 10 grams within a year, BlueStone will provide a benefit of 2% over the current market gold rate.
  • For 24Kt gold exchange, BlueStone will provide a benefit of 2% over the current market gold rate to the customer.
  • The value of the Old Gold will be calculated based on its purity and weight. To avail this offer, the customer must consent to the cutting/melting of the products. BlueStone's Karatmeters will generate the purity reading.
  • Once all participating parties agree on purity, weight and valuation, the offered value against the Old Gold jewellery will be credited to the customer's OTP-verified BlueStone account in the form of Blue Credits.
  • Once the value is credited to your BlueStone account, the Old Gold cannot be returned to you.
  • Your Blue Credits are valid at most for one year (365 days) from the day you receive them and can be used to purchase any jewellery from BlueStone except Coins and Solitaires.
  • You'll be required to sign a collection receipt at the store. It indicates that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of our Big Gold Upgrade/Old Gold Exchange programme.
  • PAN Card is mandatory for Big Gold Upgrade/Old Gold Exchange. The name on the PAN Card should match the customer's name. The 10-gram limit will be applicable against each unique PAN Card number.