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The jewellery that is worn attached to the ear is an Earring. This is the jewellery which fascinates both men and women alike. Though it is believed that women should be given the privilege, men are not far away in procuring it. One will find their head reeling and brows rising as high as the midbrain when they are enlightened with the number of locations on the ear that is pierced. Helix/ Cartilage, Industrial, Rook, Snug, conch and lobe are a few of nine locations that can be drilled to put in a stud or a ring. It depends on the capacity of the ear to get pierced as many places as possible.

(Y)Ear history

We come across youngsters having their ears pierced and call it as trendy and ‘cool’. This funkiness is not a new fever but an old fervour; dating back to 1590. In Hindu culture, ear piercing for both male and female child is customary ritual. One evidence also shows that this ceremony has started with men rather than women.

Earrings one name-many forms

Rings that appear to be floating on the ear are the characteristic of Stud earrings. The ear lobe is not a prominent part but the stud highlights and invites one to take note. The celebrities of the yester years are often found wearing earrings larger or somewhat equal in size to that of a bangle. The name given to it is hoop earrings and probably the first rings worn after the ear is pierced. For the very reason, they are also called as ‘Sleepers’ which keep the pierced hole intact without getting closed. Usually drop earrings and dangle earrings are the favorites with the bubbly girls as they sometimes are so long that extend up to the shoulder.

Well, men are sober enough not to wear the drops or dangles but studs and huggy earrings. The ‘attitude’ is shown in the kind of earrings and most of the times a style statement as well.

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Dads and moms excuse the teens and let them possess this piece of jewellery. Men’s earrings are  really  good and remember Rajas and Maharajas also wore them. The huggys studded with tiny crystalline stones give an elegant look. The ‘Ayer’  and ‘Alicio’ are some that won’t pinch the pocket. The men’s earrings designs surely are different and more abstemious. This sure is a gift that your men in life, brothers and sons, will love you more than ever.

Be a bit of tech savvy and buy men’s earrings online so as to save time and money. Wondering how money is saved? That’s because you are not pumping huge taxi fares or risking your money of their choice. In your AC room with your recipient next to you, choose the one for them.

Just come out of that bias that jewellery, especially earrings to be the privilege only of women. Changing times and trends give everyone an opportunity to reinvent themselves. You may shell a few more rupees to get that smile on these men in your life but at any given point of time, you can check for men’s earrings price and shop wisely.

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