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Women’s Diamond Pendants to Bridge the Way to Your Heart

We all are in search of that one thing that takes us back to our happy place. A thing that is close to our heart. Something whose value is far beyond its material worth and which comes to signify something far greater than just an object. Most people associate their happiest moments with diamonds. They commemorate and celebrate life-changing events like promotions, marriage, birth of their children with a diamond to store the memory and keep it fresh forever. A diamond pendant is one of those intimate pieces of jewellery that mark their way into your life as a sign of joy, as a sign of love and as a sign of eternal bond. At BlueStone we have marked out categories and ranges of women’s diamond pendants for your selection. You can weave your memories around each cherished pendant and pass it on as a priceless souvenir.

Happiness Burning Bright: Festive Collection

What better time to get a bunch load of happy memories to sit back and get nostalgic about, than festivals. Amongst loved ones and surrounded by positivity, adding a diamond pendant will double your joy. Mark every festival with a new pendant as a fresh page for every story! Start with the blue and green coloured the Merrilee Pendant, the Sparkling Absolut Pendant and the exquisite yellow and white gold pattern of the Swazey Pendant. In lattice wear the Delisha Pendant, an enchanting pendant with the tendril and leaf pattern makes for an enchanting look, while the Foliage Lattice Pendant is versatile with all traditional wears for festivities. Its design complements any look that you could possibly want! Floral designs are always a hit with the festive season. So try our floral women’s pendant designs like the Ashyah Pendant, the Argi Pendant, the big and bold design of the Heavenly Sunflower Pendant and covered in a background of black enamel the Ebony Radiance Pendant. In rose gold, you could adorn yourself with the Delicate Dahlia Pendant, the Charming Tulip and the Floral wave Pendant for their innane beauty. So light up your celebrations, with these firecrackers instead!

Style that Transcends Cubicles: Workwear Women’s Diamond Pendants

A larger part of our life goes into slaving at the office but we can’t let that stop life and happiness from entering the picture! So to liven up the workspace, we at BlueStone have launched our office wear and work wear collection. Come buy women’s diamond pendants online today! The Anastasia Pendant charms with its subtlety, the Charla Pendant in an enmeshed design enamours the viewer and so does the butterfly themed the Danette Pendant. The Scarlet Pendant with its convex diamond placement looks regal while the Stylx Pendant, the Pyramid Pendant and the Ayreon Pendant capture a unique rectangular frame in white gold and diamonds. A very chic collection indeed!

For those who love to wear their initials on their sleeves or their necks, can gladly surf through the Alphabetical Collection at BlueStone. This is the one pendant design that would never go wrong! An array of intricate latticework has gone into the making of this collection. You will find a flowing smooth gold collection that adds grace to your persona. The Serene S, the Wonderful W, the Xenial X and the Quirky Q are just some of them. In white gold, the Italia L, the Italia H surface. So find your alphabet and get going!

The Ethereal Bond : Women’s Religious Diamond Pendants

Religion, spirituality, devotion probably have taken a backseat amidst our monotonous and tedious schedules. We hardly feel the connection in keeping up with the customs and traditions of religious or spiritual practices, So here’s the way to bring back the divinity into your life! Look through our religious women’s Diamond Pendant designs and buy today! The Avigna Pendant symbolising the Ganesha and the Om beautifully as one form should be on your top list! The Zane Cross Pendant, in floral the Kelly Cross Pendant, in white gold the Jesse Cross Pendant are absolute stunners. The lattice designed the Siddhipriya Pendant and the Daffodil Om Pendant are a true piece in devotion. The Tishya Pendant, the Shubh Labh Pendant, and the Mangali Pendant rhyme in auspiciousness and piety into your life and routine. The deity specific pendants like the Gajanana Pendant and the Avaneesh Pendant representing Ganesha, the Blessed Balaji Pendant, the Damaru Pendant and the Mahadeva Pendant for Shiva, the Durga Pendant and the Afoze Pendant and the Shumayl Pendant depicting the blessings of Allah will definitely make you feel one with the almighty.

Diamonds to Break The Monotony: Everyday Diamond Pendants Collection

Diamonds can’t be restricted to just specific events, they are meant to be incorporated into your everyday life. We have the ultimate women’s diamond pendants designs to fit your daily routine. The Spirya Pendant in white gold, the Chloe Pendant, the Flowerina Pendant and the Ayra Pendant. These light-weighted pendants won’t create a hassle and deter your busy schedule and neither would they be too overpowering to manage with your casual attire. BlueStone also has the Entangled Ode collection which is bound to set your heart in knots as you decide on your favourites. The tangled maze of hoops and loops will gel well with the metaphor of life! So try on the Art of Love Pendant with its intertwined hearts in white and gold, the Gelberta Pendant and in circular designs the Love Embrace Pendant and the Keela Pendant. In our halo Collection, look out for the marvellous designs of the Danya Pendant and the Ema Pendant.

Women’s diamond pendant prices have never been so alluring, so come and buy exclusively at the BlueStone website! Forge a bond stronger than diamonds with us! We offer you the 30 days money back offer and the home try-on scheme for your ease. So hurry before your diamonds get on someone else’s neck!

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