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Get Stylish with Men's Diamond Pendant Designs

Have you ever been to a museum or an old palace where beautiful paintings of erstwhile Maharajas of India are displayed? Besides colourful clothing and stone-studded crowns, all these kings can be seen sporting elaborate and heavily designed necklaces. Yes, neckpieces are not a woman’s ornament as you might think. Men - kings and common men alike - adorned their necks with precious metals and stones from a very long time ago.

Today’s men, unlike their predecessors, don’t go for multi-layered pearl necklaces or neckpieces studded with every precious stone that is there. They prefer something classy, trendy, simple, elegant, yet unique enough to make a style statement. What better fits this profile than a finely crafted diamond pendant? At BlueStone, we offer men a twinkling array of men’s diamond pendant designs for every occasion and style. Whether you are attending a corporate meeting or breaking a sweat in the gym, these tiny trinkets are sure to enhance your style quotient without screaming for attention.

Men's Diamond Pendant Designs that Speak of Love

Fancy wearing a pendant that declares your love for your special someone? We have just the right designs for you. When you buy men's diamond pendant designs to proclaim your love, you need not go for glaringly romantic heart-shaped items. Our designers have come up with subtle and trendy designs that speak volumes about love without using the heart shape. The Gina Forever Yours Pendant is one of our favourites when it comes to such pendants. This simple, diamond-studded piece has the words ‘forever yours’ inscribed on it. The Yara Always Together Pendant is a similar design with the words ‘Always Together’ etched on its gold body. The infinity symbol featured on the Claire Pendant speaks of love that lasts forever while the heartbeats pattern on the Mikayla Pendant makes it an ideal pick for Valentine’s Day.

Sporty Pendants for the Lovers of Sports

As a child, did you make a beeline to the playground right after school? As an adult, do you call in sick on days when your favourite team is playing? Oh dear, sports has been and still is your first love! At BlueStone, we bring to you a trendy range of sports pendants studded with diamonds. If you can’t do without ball-by-ball updates when India is playing a cricket match with Australia, the Direct Hit Pendant or the Powerplay Pendant would be ideal for you. Wearing jewellery like the Master Blaster Pendant celebrates the original master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar while the Champions Pendant is just what you should wear when India celebrates winning a test series or One Day Match. On the other hand, if a match between Chelsea and Manchester United excites you, you should be wearing the Muller Pendant or the Drogba Pendant.

Men's Diamond Pendant Designs for the Spiritual Man

Another common reason to buy men's diamond pendants online is to display one’s religious beliefs. India is a country of many religious beliefs with Hinduism alone having over 300 deities. If you turn to Lord Ganesha for divine protection, you could wear the Avighna Pendant or the Promoda Pendant but if you think of Lord Hanuman as your favourite deity, opt for the Hanuman Mace Pendant or the Jai Hanuman Pendant. On the other hand, the Aum Pendant or the Shubh Labh Pendant is symbolic of the spirituality that binds Hindu beliefs. For the followers of Christ, we have a sparkling array of cross pendants like the Albert Cross Pendant, Andrew Cross Pendant, and the Messiah Pendant. Similarly, if you find yourself stepping into a Gurudwara to have a conversation with God, the Khanda Pendant is meant for you while the believers of Islam can opt for our calligraphic designs like the Murabbi Pendant.

Diamonds and white gold: The Eternal Radiance

Not all men are great fans of the yellow metal. If you love sporting a pendant sans the glitter of gold, look for something in our white gold diamond pendant collection. These designs have a contemporary charm and they are neutral enough to go with any outfit. Take, for instance, the Royal and Resolute Pendant. This piece features a line of diamonds shining against its 18kt white gold body. The Dashing Archduke Pendant is a similar design with a thin golden line enhancing its white radiance. The Valiant Knight Pendant and the Class Apart Pendant are other designs you can consider from our white gold pendants collection.

Bejewelled Pendants for the Stylish Man

Just because you’re a man, it doesn’t mean that your jewellery should sparkle any less than that of a woman’s. Diamonds are the most popular gemstone when it comes to crafting men’s jewellery. When calculating men's diamond pendants prices you will need to keep in mind the size, number, cut, and clarity of the stones used on the pendant. For example, while the Al-Malik Pendant and the Padmakshi Pendant both feature only one diamond, there is a considerable difference between their prices because the stone in the latter is almost twice the size of the stone in the first design. At BlueStone we know how important a role your budget plays when selecting jewellery and hence we offer you the opportunity to customise your pendant design to make it better fit your budget. So, if you really love the Gallant Symbol Pendant but wished it were a little cheaper, you could choose to get it made in 14kt gold instead of 18kt gold. Now, what else could you ask for?

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