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Diamond Mangalsutra

Diamond Mangalsutra to Celebrate the Match Made in Heaven

A mangalsutra is no ordinary ornament. It is a symbol of marriage and a beautiful representation of the everlasting bond between the wedded couple. It is one of the most precious pieces of jewellery for a married woman. It makes the institution of marriage eternal as per Hindu customs and stands as the ornament of purity and commitment in a marital relationship. You can immortalise your love on your wedding day with gorgeous diamond mangalsutra designs available at BlueStone. Our collection is adored by modern women who want to flaunt their love of exquisite jewellery while keeping traditions alive.

Symbolism of the Sacred Thread

Derived from two words, mangal for “auspicious” and sutra for “thread”, a mangalsutra has been a part of Indian tradition since ages. Its rich history can be traced back to colonial India. In South Indian Hindu weddings, the groom would tie a turmeric-dyed yellow thread around the bride’s neck while the priest recites hymns and Vedic prayers. This thread was considered to a blessed thread symbolising the beginning of the new, strong bond tied between the man and the woman. The tying of the auspicious thread marks the completion of the ceremony and the beginning of the new chapter in their lives.

The black bead mangalsutra has the same symbolism with a deeper meaning associated with each of the elements of the neckpiece. Every black bead on the mangalsutra is considered to protect the bride and her husband from evil eye and other life’s ills. The gold beads signify changing times, purity, and prosperity. It started as being a symbol of a successful marriage, love, and happiness, and it continues to be even until now. The typical black and gold mangalsutra has many takers, whereas the more modern bride prefers contemporary designs. To move with the changing times, buy diamond mangalsutra online at BlueStone.

Add an Aesthetic Allure to Your New Beginnings

Even after its inception centuries ago, the tradition of wearing mangalsutra remains unchanged. However, the concept of how they look and add to your overall look has evolved. They have become a fashion statement loved by married Indian women worldwide. Our assortment of diamond mangalsutras will satiate your love of gorgeous jewellery. You can buy diamond mangalsutra designs from amongst a stunning variety of unique patterns and ethnic styles studded with the brightest diamonds.

Perfect Combination of Traditional Charm and Modern Designs

While we have a lot of options for you to choose from in mangalsutras with black beads, we have also introduced new designs for you. Take a look at our Celestial Tulip Mangalsutra. It has a completely new and unique design that you’ll not find anywhere else. It is made of 18kt rose gold featuring rose gold tulips, diamonds and sections plated with rhodium to give it a white gold look. It comes with a silver-tone chain. The Mesmerizing Tulip Mangalsutra is a similar piece made of 18kt rose gold featuring two diamond-studded tulips and a silver-tone chain. The Sonali Mangalsutra and the Priyanka Mangalsutra are also rose gold pieces designed exquisitely and attached to a rose gold chain with black beads.

Our mangalsutra designs are perfect for the modern working woman who wants a sleek, lightweight design and not something gaudy or loud. And all the mangalsutras in our collection match that requirement. They are all subtle and discreet yet exude a touch of sophistication and traditional charm in their modern designs. They are also designed to match everything in your wardrobe, formal shirts, casual tops, and chic dresses — like the Uphar Mangalsutra and the Aadhaya Mangalsutra that are ethnic yet casual.

You can also make a style statement with our elaborate mangalsutras. The Aahana Mangalsutra and the Anokhi Mangalsutra are magnificent pieces of jewellery that look more like luxurious necklaces. They feature 18kt gold tanmaniya studded with sparkling white diamonds. The tanmaniya on the Aadarshini Mangalsutra looks like a grand princess’s tiara with its 18kt gold body studded with diamonds. With our attractive diamond mangalsutra prices, you can buy as many of them as you want!

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